CS-240 Electric Bicycle for Sport, Commuter, Campus. 250W Folding Bike w/Removable 36V Battery, 5 Levels Pedal Assist and Pedal-Free Modes,USB Charging Port, Lightweight 44lbs. Ships Fully Assembled

$799.00 (as of March 20, 2020, 10:47 am)

LOTS OF EXTRA FEATURES adorn this Deluxe 250 watt Folding Electric Commuter Bike. It’s perfect for efficient, economical transportation to work, school, or just around town. Easy to operate, comfortable, safe, well built, and super durable.
3 MODES including Standard Bike for traditional pedaling, Pedal Assist with 5 Levels of motorized assistance (most other bikes just have 3) and FULL Automatic 10mph motorized with no pedaling. Get there quickly with just the right amount of exercise. Tired after a long day? Zip home effortlessly on Full Automatic.
USB CHARGING PORT to charge your phone as you ride. This is a special feature our customers keep asking for, so we made it and a luggage rack standard. With everything included, this bike is still super lightweight at JUST 44 pounds.