Electric Bike Kettle Battery 48V 10Ah Lithium Ion Battery Water Bottle Shape Rechargeable Li-ion Battery for 250W 350W…

Amazon.com Price: $239.00 (as of 25/12/2020 13:23 PST- Details)

[BMS Protective Board] — Equipped with a 25A BMS protective plate in battery to ensure the long life expectancy.
[High-tech lithium] — High-tech lithium technology products, with long cycle life, small size, light weight, its service life is 1.5 times that of lead-acid, the volume is about 1/2 of lead-acid batteries, the weight is about 1/3 of lead-acid batteries.
[Suggested Charging Voltage] — The battery should be promptly charged, the suggested charging voltage for 36V battery is 42V, 54.6V for the 48V battery, charging is finished when the red light is off and green light is on.