Thorn Buster, Inner Tube Protecting, Bicycle Tire Liner – Stop Flats for BMX Bikes Using Yellow 20 x 1.5-1.95” Bike Tires and Tubes with Hard Durometer Center Strip. (1 Liner) Price: $9.40 (as of 07/08/2020 16:49 PST- Details)

Best Solution for Preventing Puncture Flats – Tire Liners are the best solution
Best Value – Compare the price! Top quality at low price because there is no packaging. No plastic package to add to the landfill.
Best Tire Liner for tube protection against thorns and road debris – Tougher than Tuffy. Stop flats better than Stop Flats. Lab tests prove there is no other bicycle tire liner better at protecting bicycle inner tubes against puncture flats. High durometer center strip nearest to the tire maximizes resistance to thorns and other road debris. Softer, lower durometer back and edges touch the inner tube to prevent chaffing.